Sunday, April 10, 2005

Nominee for U.N., John Bolton, Senate Hearing

CNN and Fox had articles talking about what is predicted to be a contentious confirmation hearing of John Bolton as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. CNN had an AP article and Fox News had their own to which they credit contributions from the AP. Many of the facts in the articles are similar with both providing pro and con information from Republicans and Democrats. Fox, however, does add a statement from a Democratic strategist that points towards a predicted successful appointment eventually. Fox also adds a statement from a Republican strategist who suggests that Democratic opposition is more of a protest against the 2004 election results.

Democratic Strategist, Bob Beckel

Republican Strategist, Paul Manafort

… Beckel said that in the end he didn't think Democrats would try to mount a filibuster or other type of procedural block to Bolton.

"They've stirred up a few things but they're not going to break a pick on it. He's going to get approved and he's going to be at the U.N. and at that point we'll see," Beckel told FOX News.

… [Manafort] told FOX News that Democratic opposition to Bolton represents more of a protest against the 2004 election results than an attack on Bolton's abilities.

"These are people who represent the philosophy of the administration that won the election in November, and the Democrats are trying not to oppose the candidates by virtue of their qualifications but by virtue of what they stand for, and they lost that election," Manafort said. "John Bolton is more than qualified to be U.N. ambassador."

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