Sunday, April 17, 2005

Odds & Ends: DeLay, Schwarzenegger, Democrats' Radio Address

Just some odds and ends today:

1. Tom DeLay spoke at the NRA convention. CNN and Fox ran identical AP articles but the headlines they chose are different with Fox’s headline being a little more friendly to DeLay:

CNN: Embattled DeLay rips media

Fox: DeLay Finds Friends Among NRA,2933,153686,00.html

2. Democrats spoke out against Governor Schwarzenegger at the annual California Democratic convention. Again, the articles are from the AP and identical. The headlines are similar. But, CNN added emphasis to this statement, referring to the Governor’s “girlie men” comment, by choosing to add a picture:

“…while others carried bobblehead dolls depicting the Republican governor in a pink dress with an automatic rifle strapped to his shoulder.”

CNN AP photo
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CNN: California Dems denounce Schwarzenegger

Fox: California Democrats Lash Out at Schwarzenegger,2933,153699,00.html

3. Every Saturday the President gives a weekly radio address. The Democrats choose someone from their party every week to give their weekly radio address. I’ve noticed that Fox is often slow to run the Democratic address. At the time of this posting, it is 24 hours after the addresses. Fox ran the President’s transcript right away Saturday morning but there still is no mention of the Democratic address. Here is a link to CNN’s article on the Democratic response:

Governor: States show how bipartisanship works (04.16.2005)
The quality of Americans' lives is improving in states with Democratic governors, and congressional leaders should follow that example to cut through partisan gridlock, West Virginia's governor said Saturday.

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