Monday, April 04, 2005

Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan

CNN and Fox ran articles today on President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II. Fox had a stronger emphasis on their roles in the collapse of the Soviet Union. CNN’s is called “The great communicators” and is an interesting comparison of their lives. It compares their interests in athletics and acting. It talks about how both defied conventional wisdom when elected to their positions. Both also survived an assassination attempt. Only 55 words are devoted to their roles in the fall of the Soviet Union including:

Like Reagan, the pope was credited with playing a major role in the collapse of the Communist bloc.

Fox, on the other hand, had a headline of “Reagan, John Paul II United in Purpose” and the entire article was about their roles in the fall of the Soviet Union. Here is the opening sentence:

The passing of Pope John Paul II (search) and President Ronald Reagan (search) in the same year underscores a great coincidence of history: Nearly three decades ago, two men shared the same view of communism and the same vision of ending it, and they both stepped onto the world stage at roughly the same time.

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Ryan said...

If it weren't for the pope and Ronald Reagan the Soviet Union would've lasted about 3 days longer.