Monday, April 04, 2005

The Pope, Reagan, Clinton

CNN and Fox both had articles on the Pope’s death with nearly identical headlines. CNN’s was “U.S. leaders pay tribute to Pope.” Fox had “U.S. leaders remember Pope.” CNN’s was a list of quotes from various leaders. Fox had more narrative and then ended with several quotes. Both quote former president Bill Clinton but Fox adds this about Clinton:

Clinton met with John Paul on five occasions, memorably during the most trying time of his presidency, the Monica Lewinsky scandal. A White House spokesman said the two did not discuss the affair, though the pope did criticize Clinton's order to raid Iraqi weapons facilities.

Both quoted Nancy Reagan but Fox also had this:

Most political observers agree the American leader the pope was most fond of was the late Ronald Reagan, who was president when Washington established diplomatic relations with The Holy See.

The two were credited with helping topple communism in Eastern Europe, and in recent years historians have speculated theirs was a much closer political collaboration than previously thought.

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