Saturday, April 30, 2005

Prime Minister Tony Blair

I did a search on both web sites for British Prime Minister Tony Blair to see how each was covering the British election which Blair called for on April 5th. CNN had 37 articles about Blair and the election while Fox has had only three. Nine of the last 14 articles by CNN have addressed the Iraq War as an election issue. Fox’s three articles address Blair’s calling an election, the arrest of protestors, and Bill Clinton’s support of Blair. Here are the articles:


Blair, Howard play down Iraq issue (04.29.2005)
Prime Minister Tony Blair and his Conservative opponent Michael Howard tried to move the UK election battleground back onto the domestic agenda Friday after a week of wrangling over Iraq
War issue not reflected in polls (04.29.2005)
Was Iraq an illegal war? It is not just a question for British Prime Minister Tony Blair, but an election issue that will not disappear.
Is truth a casualty of election? (04.29.2005)
When will they ever learn? By delaying publication of Attorney General Lord Goldsmith's legal advice over the war in Iraq until it was dragged out of him by near total disclosure in the media, Tony Blair managed to turn a calamity into a disaster.
Blair avoiding face-to-face debate (04.29.2005)
When Tony Blair visited a South London school earlier in the campaign and was catcalled by some of the children, his entourage explained it away by saying that it wasn't booing at all, it was "booming" -- a particular form of greeting in the local rap-dominated subculture.
Blair fights 'war legality' charge (04.28.2005)
British Prime Minister Tony Blair has hit back at accusations he lied about the legal case for war in Iraq after opposition parties said a leaked document revealed ministers tried to cover up doubts.
Vote row over 'Blair lied' remarks
British opposition leader Michael Howard has been defending his personal attacks on Prime Minister Tony Blair, in which he has accused him of lying over the war in Iraq
Election battle turns personal (04.27.2005)
It is getting tough and it is getting personal. The L-word is now well and truly to the fore in this election. The Conservatives have unveiled a poster showing a shifty-looking Tony Blair and declaring: "If he's prepared to lie to take us to war he's prepared to lie to win an election."
Blair plays down 'half-time' lead (04.26.2005)
Conservative leader Michael Howard says publicly that his party is 2-0 down at half-time in the British election. Is that a "Beware of the Underdog" warning, a plea for sympathy or a shrewd election tactic?
Defection keeps Iraq heat on Blair (04.26.2005)
British Prime Minister Tony Blair was facing a fresh challenge over the Iraq war with the defection of an ex-Labour MP, although new polls showed Labour with a strong lead in the run-up to next week's election.
Does Howard regret dumping the blond? (04.25.2005)
The best thing about banging your head against the wall is when you get to stop doing so. Ten days out from polling day Britain's politicians must know the feeling.
Iraq factor: Blair's 34 words (04.25.2005)
In the run-up to the war in Iraq, British intelligence agents worked to find out what weapons Saddam Hussein may or may not have had.
Blair faces concerted Iraq attack (04.25.2005)
Iraq dominatedBritain's election debate at the start of the last full week of campaigning as Prime Minister Tony Blair was forced to defend himself against new attacks that he misled the country in the runup to the war.
Blair faces concerted Iraq attack (04.25.2005)
Prime Minister Tony Blair is facing demands for a new probe into the Iraq war as his rivals launched a concerted attack on him over the U.S.-led invasion for the first time in Britain's election campaign
Tory rival accuses Blair of 'lies'
Tony Blair's main rival accused him Sunday of lying over the Iraq war, seeking to damage the prime minister over an issue that could prove the weakest link in his campaign for reelection on May 5.
Soldier father bid to unseat Blair (04.21.2005)
An anti-Iraq war protester has taken his campaign to unseat Tony Blair to the Prime Minister's traditional stronghold.
UK top-selling paper backs Blair
There was a new boost for Prime Minister Tony Blair when Britain's biggest selling newspaper said it was backing him for re-election.
UK leaders turn high flyers (04.20.2005)
British politicians are taking to the air ahead of the coming election, using helicopters to high-tail it across the country and engage with the public on their own terms.
A-Z of British election issues (04.20.2005)
A is for Advertising, which at election times more than ever reminds us of George Orwell's definition of the trade: "The rattling of sticks in swill buckets."
Tory leader Howard under pressure (04.20.2005)
UK Conservative party leader Michael Howard was under pressure Tuesday with his party flagging in opinion polls and being attacked for his tough stand on immigration and asylum seekers.
Iraq looms over UK election battle
Iraq is featuring as a major issue in the UK election battle with several candidates from a new anti-war party standing against prominent MPs in Prime Minister Tony Blair's ruling Labour party.
Polls make election clear as mud (04.18.2005)
Voters have not yet been shaken or stirred in this so far rather mechanical election. But they must certainly be utterly bemused by the figures thrown at them.
Lib Dems: We are real opposition (04.15.2005)
Britain's Liberal Democrats launched their election platform Thursday saying they were the true opposition to Prime Minister Tony Blair.
Blair lead up in UK election race (04.15.2005)
British Prime Minister Tony Blair is on course for a record third straight election victory on May 5 but with a reduced majority, according to the latest opinion polls.
Blair's opponents (04.14.2005)
If Tony Blair is re-elected people will know what they are getting. As President George Bush's closest ally he has become well known on the international stage.
Blair unveils election platform
British Prime Minister Tony Blair has unveiled his party's list of promises for the election he hopes will make history by giving his center-left Labour party a third consecutive term.
Blair playing the 'team player' (04.13.2005)
Conservative leader Michael Howard has been chiding Tony Blair for being all words and no action. Risky then that Labour's manifesto, launched Wednesday, stretched to 112 pages compared with the 38 pages of Howard's own offering. But they were smaller pages.
Blair, Brown cozy up in TV film (04.12.2005)
UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is seeking to challenge reports that he is at loggerheads with Gordon Brown by starring in a soft-focus TV movie with his chief finance minister.
Blair still craves voters' love (04.12.2005)
The trouble with this British election is that the phoney war lasted so long before it that most of the parties had already dispensed their bribes and deployed most of their arguments.
Tories slam Blair 'broken pledges' (04.11.2005)
British opposition leader Michael Howard has attacked Prime Minister Tony Blair's "broken promises," saying: "I'm going into battle for Britain.
Tory leader's high-risk strategy (04.11.2005)
While some reveled in the royal wedding at the weekend others of us escaped to the Grand National, the greatest horse racing spectacle in the world.
Day Two: Howard up, up, up?
The final prime minister's question time of the 2001-2005 Parliament was a clear points victory for Conservative leader Michael Howard.
Blair, Howard clash on spending (04.07.2005)
Prime Minister Tony Blair claimed Thursday that his main political rivals would cripple investment in Britain's hospitals and schools, as the Conservatives tried to dampen a damaging row over their public spending plans.
Blair head-to-head with opponent (04.07.2005)
Prime Minister Tony Blair went head to head with Conservative challenger Michael Howard in lively exchanges in parliament with an election campaign in Britain firmly under way.
Day One: The memories flood back
Here we go again. In Downing Street amid the popping flashbulbs as Tony Blair sets off for Buckingham Palace to ask the queen to dissolve Parliament and hold an election on 05/05/05.
Polls show Blair lead slashed
Britain's opposition Conservative party has narrowed the gap on Prime Prime Minister Tony Blair's Labour Party, a clutch of opinion polls published Tuesday showed.
Blair calls election for May 5 (04.06.2005)
Prime Minister Tony Blair has called Britain's general election for May 5 after seeing the queen to ask for the dissolution of parliament.
Analysis: Can Blair make it three in a row?
Tony Blair took Labour back to power after 18 years with a landslide victory in 1997. He did it again in 2001. But can he achieve his ambition of becoming the first leader in his party's history to win it three full terms in a row?


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