Monday, May 09, 2005

Allegations against Sen. Hillary Clinton

There are some interesting differences in articles today about a group wanting Senator Hillary Clinton investigated for possible problems related to a Hollywood campaign fundraiser. CNN, predictably, is more Hillary-friendly than Fox News. Here are five differences indicating biases one way or the other:

1. Notice the yellow highlighted words in the opening sentences. There is a big difference between CNN’s “conservative watchdog group with a history of dogging the Clintons” and Fox’s “self-described "public interest group that fights government corruption".”

CNN: A conservative watchdog group with a history of dogging the Clintons urged a Senate panel on Monday to investigate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton over a Hollywood fundraiser for which a former staffer faces charges.

FOX: A self-described "public interest group that fights government corruption" has filed an ethics complaint with a Senate panel, asking it to investigate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton for her role in an alleged attempt to defraud the Federal Election Commission and the U.S. Senate.

2. In the blue highlighted words above, Fox’s statement of the reason sounds much more serious than CNN’s statement.

3. As noted above, CNN calls Judicial Watch a group “with a history of dogging the Clintons.” Fox says that Judicial Watch “has a history of monitoring the New York senator and her husband, former President Bill Clinton.” Again, a huge difference in the connotations of the words used with Fox’s “monitoring” sounding much more like a responsible, reasonable action than CNN’s use of “dogging.”

4. The person making the allegations is Peter Paul who CNN describes as a “three-time convicted felon.” Fox provides more specific information on Paul’s legal problems but never uses the word “felon.” Fox refers to Paul’s “legal tangles.”

5. Both articles have a picture of Hillary and neither is particularly flattering. However, CNN’s photo shows Hillary in the act of speaking at an event in Wisconsin. Fox’s picture is of a somber, close-mouthed Hillary. Fox also has a picture of Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton whereas CNN does not.

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