Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Amnesty International Report Slams U.S.

Amnesty International slammed the U.S. in a report today. Fox News ran an AP story and CNN ran two articles, one from Reuters and one of their own. Both of CNN’s taken together are about the same length as Fox’s AP story. You have to read both CNN articles to get a more complete picture as the Reuters article does not present any Bush administration reaction. The White House said the report is “ridiculous and unsupported by the facts.” CNN’s article did however quote the White House, State Department and Defense Department. Fox’s article quoted the White House and Defense Department.

There were a couple of interesting differences between CNN and Fox. CNN’s Reuters article makes a point not found in Fox’s article. While Fox notes that Amnesty “castigated” the prison camp in Guantanamo Bay, the Reuters’ article reports on a broader problem shown by the first sentence (and other information later):

CNN (Reuters): Four years after the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington, human rights are in retreat worldwide and the United States bears most responsibility, rights watchdog Amnesty International said on Wednesday.

The Amnesty International Report talked of other problem areas. For CNN, their article only addressed U.S. problems. Their Reuters article notes problems in many other areas of the world as did Fox’s article. The Reuters article ties some problems in other areas to the War on Terror. It also makes a statement about Sudan that has a different perspective than Fox. The Reuters article talks only of the international community’s failure while Fox notes that the Sudan government failed as well. Here are the excerpts on Sudan:

CNN (Reuters): … the abject failure of the international community to take concerted action to end the slaughter in Sudan's vast Darfur region was a cause of shame.

FOX (AP): Amnesty accused governments around the world of abandoning human rights protections. It said Sudan failed to protect its people from one of the world's worst humanitarian crises …

Sudan's government not only turned its back on its people, but the United Nations and African Union took too long to try to help those suffering in Darfur, Amnesty said.

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