Saturday, May 07, 2005

Children Injured in Iraq Insurgent Attack

Both ran articles about a suicide attack in Iraq in which 22 people were killed. Many of the facts are the same or similar but there is a big difference in the information about the victims. Fox’s AP article has information about children who were killed which CNN does not mention at all. Here are some excerpts from Fox’s article:

… in an attack that left a busy traffic circle strewn with burning vehicles, mutilated bodies and bloodied school children.

Rescue workers lifted injured school girls onto stretchers, including one with bandages wrapped around her neck and blood streaming down her legs.

Iman Norman rushed to al-Kindi Hospital to be with her 12-year-old daughter, Lana, one of several school girls who were injured aboard a minibus. Iman said the students climbed out of the bus' windows in their bloodied uniforms after the bomb damaged its doors. Lana's injury wasn't serious, but one student lost an eye, Norman said.

A reader of Fox’s article may have a very different feeling about the insurgents than a reader of just CNN.

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