Sunday, May 08, 2005

Coverage: Dutch Protest; Nominees; Green Buildings

I usually compare stories from Fox News and CNN that are about the same news event. However, in doing my research, I often notice stories covered by one and not the other. Here are a few interesting recent examples:

CNN had this AP article yesterday about Dutch protests of Bush’s visit. As of today, Fox has not covered this. Here is the link:

Thousands protest Bush Dutch visit (05.07.2005)
Thousands of anti-war activists protested U.S. President George W. Bush's visit to the Netherlands on Saturday, saying the man who started the Iraq war should not pay tribute to those who died in World War II for Dutch freedom.

Fox ran this story about how difficult it is for judicial nominees including the current names that are in limbo and others in recent history like Bork.

Judicial Battle 'Nastier Than Ever' - Saturday, May 07, 2005 - WASHINGTON — They have been called a "family of seven judicial fanatics." Also "radical," "corporate stooges," the "most extreme of...

Fox tends to be a little less sensitive to environmental issues. They ran this story about “green” building failures which has yet to appear on

'Green' Practices Put Wash. in the Red - Saturday, May 07, 2005 - SEATTLE — Seattle's new city hall and justice center have received awards for their environmentally sensitive design. But just two...

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