Saturday, May 14, 2005

Coverage, or lack thereof, on U.N. Oil-for-Food Scandal

This is the third weekend in a row where I have noticed that Fox continues to do a lot of reporting on the U.N.’s oil-for-food scandal with little or no reporting by CNN. CNN did have an article this week on accusations of involvement in the scandal by a British and a French politician. Here are links to my previous two weekend posts that document a combined 20 articles by Fox to none for CNN.

Friday, Fox reported that Kofi Annan “did not initially tell investigators in the Oil-for-Food probe that he met twice with representatives of his son's employer as the Swiss company began soliciting United Nations business.” This is an Associated Press story that Fox chose to run. Friday and Saturday morning Fox highlighted the article on its home page as seen in the screen shot below under “Key Omission.” As of this time on Saturday, CNN has not reported on it. screen shot, 5/14/05, 8:00 am PST (cropped to show only news headlines and main stories)
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Here is the link to Fox’s story:,2933,156520,00.html

I checked a few other news web sites and did not find the story on web sites for the BBC, Aljazeera, Los Angeles Times, and NPR. However, I did find the story at MSNBC, New York Times, ABC, and the Washington Post.

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