Friday, May 13, 2005

Different Angles on Iraq War

Today’s articles about Iraq are very different in emphasis. CNN’s headline is “Iraqi leader extends state of emergency.” While Fox’s AP article mentions the extension of the state of emergency, it is only very briefly near the end of the article. Fox’s emphasis is more on U.S. progress in the fighting in western Iraq with the headline of “U.S. presses on with Iraq offensive.” CNN mentions this but near the end of its article. The impression a CNN reader might have is that things are still a mess in Iraq with martial law needed because of the continued and increased insurgent attacks. While Fox mentions the insurgent attacks, a Fox reader would probably be more optimistic about events in Iraq. Here are the dramatically different openings of both articles:

CNN: Iraq's transitional prime minister has extended the country's state of emergency for another 30 days. Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari's decree comes amid a deadly insurgent onslaught that started when the new Shiite- and Kurdish-dominated Iraqi government came to power a couple of weeks ago.

FOX: Iraqi fighters toting machine guns and grenade launchers swaggered through the rubble-strewn streets of this town on the Syrian border Friday, setting up checkpoints and preparing to do battle despite a major U.S. offensive aimed at rooting out followers of Iraq's most-wanted militant.

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