Sunday, May 29, 2005

Fox and the Democrats' Weekly Radio Address -- Again

Yet again Fox News is failing to run an article about the weekly Democratic Radio Address (or running it a day or more late) while promptly running an article or the transcript of the President’s weekly radio address. I have noted this in several previous posts. Here is a link to CNN’s article:

Clark urges expanding reservist health care (05.28.2005)
Retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark used the Democrats' radio broadcast Saturday to insist that Reserve and National Guard members and their families should receive the same health insurance as the active force does.

[Note added May 30th. The case of the missing Democratic Weekly Radio Address: I noticed today that both Fox and CNN on Sunday ran the same short AP story on President’s Bush’s weekly radio address (Fox had previously published the transcript). Both articles were identical with the exception that Fox added seven sentences about General (retired) Clark’s remarks. So, although there was some coverage by Fox; it was late, buried, and brief.]

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