Friday, May 27, 2005

Hillary/Rosen and Rice/Bolton

Oftentimes, CNN and Fox News run the same AP articles. They have choices though as to headlines and photos to include with the article. Here are two examples where the choices made are different and I would suggest they are different due to biases. These two examples are somewhat subtle but I wonder about the readers of just CNN or just Fox and the perceptions they have as they are exposed to those biases over time.

Example #1. This is the story of Hillary Clinton’s former aide, David Rosen, being acquitted of fundraising charges. CNN’s headline is “Former Hillary Clinton aide acquitted.” Fox News’ headline is “Clinton Finance Director Acquitted of Fundraising Charges.” Fox does not say “former” so perhaps Fox is trying to make a stronger tie to Clinton. This seems to be the case with Fox’s photos which includes pictures of a somber Hillary Clinton. Fox also adds “fundraising charges” to the headline. CNN has one photo and it is of a smiling Rosen. Fox also includes a picture of Rosen but it is of him entering the court building with a lawyer.


Example #2. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urged the Senate to confirm John Bolton. Fox News’ headline is “Rice: Senate Should Confirm Bolton.” CNN adds a negative phrase to its headline of “Rice: Bolton deserves confirmation despite 'rough edges'.” CNN has one close up photo of an expressionless, close-mouthed Rice. Fox’s picture of Rice has her speaking at a podium where she is more animated. Fox also adds a photo of Bolton.


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