Saturday, May 14, 2005

More on Iraq War Coverage

Similar to my post last night, the Iraq update articles present different perspectives of the war. CNN’s article begins with a car bomb in Baghdad. The second sentence mentions the ongoing Operation Matador but begins with the U.S. death toll. By contrast, Fox’s opening sentence shows a strong U.S. operation with a purpose. Here are the first two sentences of each article:

CNN: A car bomb targeting an Iraqi police patrol killed at least five people in central Baghdad and three street cleaners died when they apparently disturbed a roadside bomb on Saturday, Iraqi police said.

Meanwhile, the American death toll from Operation Matador -- a U.S.-led offensive to rout insurgents near the Syrian border -- rose to nine as the U.S. military confirmed the deaths of four more Marines in the explosion of an amphibious assault vehicle that hit a landmine on Wednesday.

FOX: Large numbers of U.S. forces supported by helicopters gathered outside this Euphrates River village Saturday, pushing ahead with their region-wide operation to wipe out supporters of Iraq's most wanted militant. The military said four more Marines were killed.

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