Friday, June 10, 2005

Bush and the Patriot Act

CNN ran an AP article on President Bush’s latest push for the Patriot Act. Fox News ran their own with contributions from the AP. I found three differences between the articles that would indicate a bias pro-Bush by Fox or anti-Bush by CNN:

1. Because of the AP connection, the first parts of the two articles are virtually identical. The first sentences are not identical but similar in content. Both articles refer to Bush’s point that the law helps those “on the front lines” of preventing new attacks. It is somewhat subtle but Fox adds that the front lines are those of the “War on Terror.” CNN does not use that phrase. It would appear that Fox added that to the AP information to reinforce Bush’s overall goal.

2. Later in the articles the following phrase is used:

Congress has begun working on renewing them amid fresh criticism -- from members of both parties -- that the law undermines basic freedoms.

Fox, however added some information that lessens the level of criticism: “But other lawmakers from both sides of the aisle also approve of the job the fairly new law is doing.”

3. CNN’s headline is “Bush tours counterterrorism center.” Fox’s makes Bush’s point in the headline with “Bush: Patriot Act Needed in War on Terror.”

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