Friday, June 24, 2005

Different Coverage of President Bush and Prime Minister al-Jaafari

CNN and Fox News ran articles on a press conference by President Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari. CNN ran an AP story while Fox ran their own and acknowledged contributions by the AP. A sentence-by-sentence comparison shows that much of the CNN AP article is word for word the same as Fox’s article but Fox added additional information. That additional information paints a different and more positive picture of the war effort. Here is a list of additional information provided by Fox:

1. Both use this quote from al-Jaafari: “This is not the time to fall back.” Fox, however, adds this statement: “For his part, al-Jaafari thanked the United States and the American people for "their courage against terrorism."”

2. CNN’s opening sentence says that Bush and al-Jaafari pledged “eventual victory over the terrorists and their daily attacks.” CNN notes the “daily” attacks and perhaps makes it sound more indefinite by using the phrase “eventual victory.” Fox’s statement is more positive saying that Bush and al-Jaafari “vowed” that they would work together “as long as it takes for Iraq to stand on its own.” While this is still indefinite, it infers a stronger resolve and notes that the goal is for Iraq to stand on its own.

3. Both had this quote of Bush: “I am confident the Iraqi people will continue to defy the skeptics as they continue to build a new Iraq." Fox’s quote is longer and adds these words which makes a stronger statement for progress in Iraq while noting the challenges: “… ‘as they assume greater responsibility for their security and build a new Iraq that represents their diversity ... the way ahead is not going to be easy.’”

4. Here are some (not all) references to Bush added by Fox:

Bush said he told al-Jaafari that the American people share a democratic vision that includes a "deep and abiding respect for Islam, the people of Iraq and the potential of a nation that now belongs to them." And progress will be made even in the face of ongoing attacks, he said.

Seven months after the Coalition Provisional Authority transferred control of the country over to the fledgling Iraqi government, Bush noted, the Iraqi people successfully held elections and in April, formed a new government. More Sunni Arabs were included in the constitutional drafting committee this month.

Bush said there's no doubt insurgents and terrorists in the country with "no regard to human life" are "trying to shake our will" and derail progress there.

5. This information was added by Fox in quoting al-Jaafari:

And despite what violence makes the news headlines, al-Jaafari said, what he sees on the ground in his country is great progress being made. "People said Saddam will not fall and he did. They said elections would not happen and they did. They said a constitution would not be written and it was," al-Jaafari said, adding that the people of Iraq want continued democracy and they will fight to achieve it. We want to secure love instead of hatred in our country," he added.

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