Wednesday, June 22, 2005

DNC vs. RNC: Ohio Voting

As I mentioned in a recent post, I am going to occasionally branch out and do some other comparisons. Here is some info from the DNC and RNC web sites on the allegations of problems with voting in Ohio in the last election. My concern is that neither is really trying to get at all of the facts. Both use language that propagandizes their respective messages. The DNC talks of “widespread,” “serious,” and “grave” problems. They did not do just an investigation but an “exhaustive” and “comprehensive” investigation to “ascertain exactly” what happened. The recommendations are “concrete” and are designed to “protect” everyone’s right to vote, which connotes that those rights need protecting due to active efforts by the other side. The RNC, on the other hand, says the DNC report is “pure political fiction.” The RNC lists “the undisputed facts.” They will continue to “inspire” new voters and “protect everyone’s franchise.”

So, both have the exact information about what happened and both will protect everyone from the other. Wouldn’t it be great if both sides could honestly work out any issues regarding the Ohio voting? Who could you believe after looking at each? Here are some specifics from the web sites:

DNC: (This is an introductory statement after which are links for downloading the report.)

After the 2004 election, there were widespread reports of serious voting problems in Ohio. The Democratic National Committee's Voting Rights Institute made a commitment to investigate these reports and ascertain exactly what happened on November 2 in Ohio.

An exhaustive five-month investigation by the VRI's research and investigative team identified grave problems in the administration of Ohio's voting system. More than 1 in 4 voters in Ohio faced problems at the polls, including illegal requests for identification, long lines, poorly trained election officials, and more. There were also dramatic disparities in voting conditions among different races; African Americans waited nearly three times as long on average as whites to vote.

Most important, the VRI's comprehensive investigation resulted in concrete recommendations that will help protect every American's right to vote and to have that vote counted. These recommendations cover voting equipment, training for poll workers, uniform standards, and much more.

Get the facts about exactly what happened in Ohio in 2004, and learn how Democrats are fighting to protect our rights.


RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman issued the following statement in response to the Democrats’ Ohio Election Report: “The report is pure political fiction. The undisputed facts in Ohio are: Democrat officials had to be stopped by the courts from misleading voters about the day of the election; a Democrat affiliated group paid a worker in crack cocaine to submit fraudulent voter forms; and Democrat allies attempted to disenfranchise Ohio voters by submitting registration cards for Mary Poppins, Dick Tracy and Michael Jordan. Republicans will continue to register and inspire new voters, make it easier for everyone to vote at the polls and protect everyone's franchise from being cancelled out by illegal or fraudulent registration.”

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