Saturday, June 25, 2005

Lawmakers Visit Guantanamo: Different Photos Used

Lawmakers visited Guantanamo prison to check on conditions there. Fox ran an AP article earlier in the day and had this headline: “Pols: Gitmo Conditions Have Improved.”

CNN ran an AP article later in the day with this headline: “U.S. lawmakers tour Guantanamo prison” with a sub-headline of “First visit since criticism intensified.” Fox’s headline is more positive than CNN’s which reminds the reader about “criticism intensified.” The pictures accompanying the articles were from the AP so presumably CNN and Fox had the same choices of pictures. As you can see below, CNN uses a file photo they have used in the past which shows a prisoner sitting on the floor behind bars. Fox’s is much more positive (relatively speaking since we are talking about prisoners) with a detainee walking around on a sunny day with the American flag being very prominent at the top of the picture.

CNN (AP): "U.S. officials have defended the treatment of detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba."

Fox (AP): "June 25, 2005: In this image reviewed by the U.S. military, an unidentified inmate walks near a detainee housing building at Guantanamo Bay."
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