Sunday, July 10, 2005

Attacks in Iraq

Both had articles of the latest insurgent attacks in Iraq. As I have noted before, CNN uses the term “suicide bomber” while Fox uses “homicide bomber”. The former puts emphasis on the sacrifice of the bomber and the latter emphasizes the effect of the bomber’s actions. A lot of the facts in the articles were the same although Fox had more information on other recent attacks. Fox also included some positive news not found in CNN’s article. Fox has this statement:

The Iraqi Islamic Party — the country's largest Sunni political party — denounced Sunday's attack, saying "dozens of innocent Iraqis pay the price for these acts that we strongly condemn."

It can be easy to assume that all Sunnis are behind the insurgents. But the above statement shows that some are against the violence. Another example is that Fox tells of the U.S. destroying two unexploded bombs that were found.

On the attack in Kirkuk, CNN makes this statement:

The suicide bomber was waiting in a side street off a main road that is usually used by Iraqi government officials and employees, Amin said. The attack apparently was targeting government officials. The blast destroyed three civilian cars.

Fox, however, has a different take on this that shows the attacker’s actions were even more heinous:

The bomber used a Mercedes Benz and the target appeared to be civilians because no military or police convoys were nearby, authorities said. Most of the casualties were people headed to Kirkuk General Hospital, police said. Three of the wounded were hospital employees.

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