Wednesday, July 13, 2005

CNN vs. FOX: Who is Winning?

When some people learn of my blog they ask, “So, is CNN better or is Fox better?” My reply is that that really is not the point of my blog. The point is that all news sources are biased and readers should be getting their news from more than one source. By comparing and, as just two examples, it is easy to see that there are major differences sometimes and subtle differences at other times. Over the long haul, on some issues, a reader of just one source of news will develop a more biased perspective than a reader who checks multiple sources. Some have argued that there are no substantial differences between CNN and Fox as they are both mainstream news sources. While that is true sometimes, I think I have pointed out plenty of examples to show that there are biases both ways.

So, which one is best? I still do not want to answer that in the way that some would like me to. I truly believe that neither is best. Their web sites do have their strengths and weaknesses and here are a few, in my humble opinion:

CNN publishes more stories and also has more of an international perspective. On the other hand, Fox’s stories tend to be longer have more information than CNN [note: When I compare two articles I cut and paste them into a two-column table so I can see the articles side by side. Most of the time Fox’s are longer and will have a little more detail].

Fox’s home page is more attractive and highlights, with pictures/headlines, up to three main stories. CNN’s home page however, offers many more categories of stories than Fox.

CNN’s pages load much faster than Fox’s.

CNN’s search function is better. It allows searching by capitalized words so that just the capitalized words are found. CNN shows a full page of results whereas Fox shows only the most recent three or four articles and then you have to click again to get the full page of results. Sometimes Fox’s search function does not include the recent articles from that day.

With each article, Fox publishes a list of links to recent articles on the same topic.

Both have particular slants that I have demonstrated before. I believe CNN to be more liberal and Fox more conservative. Some liberals do not think that CNN is liberal enough and I am sure that some conservatives believe that Fox is not conservative enough. But, they do still have their slants.


NoTONoEagles said...

Help Mommy, there are Liberals! underneath my bed!!! (No, seriously, that's the name of the book...) Don't believe me? The dang thing's on Amazon, not some hippie-press bullcrap ;) Anyway, thought you might enjoy, pinko ;)

Anonymous said...

CNN's webpage loads faster because nobody is viewing it.

Anonymous said...

This is probably the most objective commentary on the media I have read recently. I agree that in order to be as well informed as possible we need to look at multiple news sources. Personally I go to Fox news, Investors Business Daily, and for conservative views and CNN and NY Times for more of a liberal take on things.

Anonymous said...

Funny that CNNs web site has nothing to say about John Edwards' bloggers. Fox has O'Reilly videos. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place at CNN.

Jeremy Jensen said...

Yeah, no one visits CNN's website. Shows how much you know. CNN is the 20th most visited website in the US. Fox is the 95th, following See for your self...

Anonymous said...

Fox is full of loud talking-heads
who all lack professionalism and
couldn't enounciate big words if their lives depended on it.Shepperd
Smith? Boring! Bill-O? What a joke!Give me Anderson Cooper and the others more intelligent and better qualified JOURNALISTS on CNN any day!

Zack reed said...

personaly i belive glen beck to be one of the best investigateive journalist of our time. which is why cnn has lost over half of its viewers in the last year alone