Friday, July 01, 2005

DNC vs. RNC: Supreme Court

From time to time I am doing other comparisons like this one from the Democratic and Republican national committee web sites. Concerning the replacement of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the RNC has a short statement by Chairman Ken Mehlman and the DNC’s home page is highlighting a blog posted by Jesse Berney. Both parties are lining up for the fight while already presuming attacks from the radical side of the other. Here is an excerpt from the RNC site:

“…Her presence on the Court will never be replaced, but her seat must be filled and President Bush will work to put forth a nominee worthy of succeeding Sandra Day O'Connor. I urge Senate Democrats to look beyond the inevitable protest from far-left special interest groups and approach any nominee with the unbiased evaluation they deserve.”

Here is an excerpt from the DNC site:

“…Now President Bush faces an important choice. … Will he listen to Democrats as well as Republicans and choose a nominee who will protect our basic values?

Or will he give into the pressure from the radical right wing of his party and nominate an ideological extremist? Will Bush choose someone for a lifetime appointment to the nation's highest court who bases his or her on a narrow partisan agenda instead of the Constitution? …

But if Bush chooses not to consult with the Senate and chooses someone outside the mainstream, Democrats will make sure we maintain our system of checks and balances. We will fight to ensure that anyone who receives a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court is impartial in upholding our laws and Constitution and committed to the rights of our people. …”

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