Friday, July 15, 2005

Is Karl Rove a Leaker?

There were big differences in articles posted on each site about Karl Rove reportedly learning about the identity of a CIA officer from the news media. Before this, many articles at both sites were saying that Rove had leaked the information. CNN ran an AP article and Fox News ran their own with credit given to the AP for contributions. CNN’s AP article opens with a straight statement of the fact. Fox’s article rubs the opposition’s nose in it a bit by saying that: “Although Joseph Wilson and many Democrats have spent the last week saying Karl Rove leaked the identity of a CIA operative to journalists, it may have been the other way around, according to sources familiar with grand jury testimony.”

Fox’s article is much longer and includes statements both for and against Rove. It certainly has a lot more from a Republican perspective and a lot more about whether or not Wilson’s wife was indeed a covert agent. CNN gives brief comments from Rove’s lawyer, Senator Bill Frist, and Scot McClellan (White House spokesman). Remembering that Fox added negative comments as well, Fox also had the following in support of Rove and Republicans:

Republicans argued Friday that the latest information exonerates their man.

"Karl Rove wasn't the leaker, he was actually the recipient of the information," Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman told FOX News on Friday morning.

The article ends with: “Mehlman told FOX News on Friday that what happened on the Senate floor the day before was nothing more than a "partisan charade" full of "smears" on Rove.

Democrats needs to let the independent counsel to his job, Mehlman added. "We need politics to be about solutions, not insults … the angry left should not drive the Democratic Party."

"What the real problem here is, this is a political game to get Karl Rove — a political strategist who has beaten the Democrats time and time again," added Republican strategist Brad Blakeman.

Ron Kaufman, a former White House political director and current GOP strategist, told FOX News on Friday that Democrats are still bitter and sore about losing the past few elections and, during the slow summer months in Washington, the Rove issue is one they're trying to nail the administration with.

"There is no problem here except for a group of Democrats that can't talk about Social Security, can't talk about terrorism … so they're talking about Karl Rove," Kaufman said. "It's time for the Democrats to realize they lost, we won, let's get on with the things Americans care about."”

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