Tuesday, July 12, 2005

President Bush Meets with Democratic Senators on Candidates for the Supreme Court

President Bush met with senators today to get advice on choosing a Supreme Court nominee. Fox News’ article is much more positive about the discussions, especially early on in the article:

1st sentence: Democratic lawmakers … appear to be very pleased with the level of consultation the president is extending to them.

2nd sentence: The seven Democrats … emerged with a positive outlook.

3rd sentence: Sens. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., and Mark Pryor, D-Ark., said they are hearing "positive noises" as a result of their meeting with Bush.

CNN’s AP article was less positive and a little cautious with this comment not found in Fox’s article:

Frist praised Bush for reaching out to Democrats, saying that what the administration is doing "is pretty unprecedented if you look back in history. He is reaching out aggressively. …."

Democrats said that was fine -- as far as it went.

"This certainly is a good first or second step," Reid said at a news conference outside the White House. "This process needs to move forward. And I was impressed with the fact the president said it would; there will be more meetings, consultations."

Here is an interesting quote in Fox’s article from the Republican’s point of view (not in CNN’s):

Added Frist in a statement: "Despite this unprecedented effort by the president, I am concerned that no amount of consultation will be sufficient for some of my colleagues. That's because co-nomination, rather than consultation, may be their ultimate goal. Some senators may prefer to choose the nominee for the president. But that is not how the Constitution works. The president has the power to nominate, and the Senate offers advice and consent."

Here is a characterization of the conservative view found in CNN’s article (not in Fox’s):

The meeting came at a time when the president is under pressure from conservatives who want a court that will reverse precedent on abortion rights, affirmative action, homosexual rights and other issues.

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