Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Problems/Successes of U.S. Work with Iraqi Police Forces

The Defense and State Departments released a joint report on the state of the Iraqi police forces. CNN emphasizes the weaknesses in the U.S. efforts while Fox News is more positive. In the first sentence, CNN says that, “Insurgents and other criminals have infiltrated Iraqi police ranks due to poor screening procedures by U.S. forces, …” Fox makes a similar statement but it is much more neutral and does not point the finger directly at the U.S. forces: “Iraq's police force has suffered from inadequate recruiting and screening of candidates, apparently even allowing some terrorists to join, …”

The next five sentences in CNN’s article relate to the problem with “recruitment and vetting procedures.” By dramatic contrast, Fox’s article’s second sentence declares the overall effort a success: “Even so, the study by the inspectors general at the Defense and State departments said the effort to build up Iraq's police agencies has been a qualified success.” CNN gets around to using the “qualified success” quote near the end of the article. Fox repeats the “qualified success” statement a second time near the end of its article.

Fox’s third sentence is : “The military, in a written response, said it is addressing most of the concerns raised by the study. The investigation concluded in April, and Pentagon officials said many of the proposed changes are already being implemented.” CNN makes the same point, but again it is near the end of their article.

I believe that a reader of just CNN and a reader of just Fox will have very different impressions for how things are going in building up the Iraqi police forces.

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