Thursday, July 07, 2005

Terrorist Strike in London

Of course, CNN and Fox are covering the terrible terror attack in London. This is such an appalling attack. I will see how coverage proceeds but in the initial articles, Bush is highlighted more in Fox. CNN’s only mention of Bush is “President Bush was among the somber leaders who stood behind Blair as he spoke.” Fox’s article, which is an AP article published one hour later than CNN’s, also adds quotes from Bush linking this attack to the “War on Terror,” a captialized phrase I have noticed that is not used very much by CNN:

"He'll carry a message of solidarity with him" as he leaves the G-8 summit for London, Bush added. "I was most impressed by the resolve of all the [G-8] leaders in the room and that their resolve is as strong as my resolve. ... We will not yield to the terrorists. We will find them; we will bring them to justice."

Bush said there's a clear contrast between the work being done at the G-8 summit to eradicate AIDS and clean up the environment and the attacks and the goals of the terrorists responsible, "those who've got such evil in their heart that they will take the lives of innocent folks."

"The War on Terror goes on," he added.

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