Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Bush and the Energy Bill

CNN and Fox News covered President Bush’s signing of the new Energy Bill in New Mexico. There is quite a difference in their internet articles in terms of the positive aspects of the bill that are attributed to Bush.

The first quote of Bush in CNN’s article includes cautions saying that:

"This bill is not going to solve our energy challenges overnight," Bush said just before signing the bill into law. "It's going to take years of focused efforts to alleviate those problems."

Contrast that with Fox’s first quote of Bush which makes it sound much more positive to the “every American:”

The energy bill "is going to help every American who drives to work, every family that pays a power bill and every small business owner hoping to expand. The bill is the result of years of effort. It is the result of good folks coming together, people who made a commitment to deliver results to the American people. This bill launches an energy strategy for the 21st century, and I have really been looking forward to signing it," Bush said.

In Fox’s quote above, CNN quotes the same last sentence but does not have the other positive statements preceding it.

In all, CNN had 18% (by word count) of its article devoted to Bush quotes or paraphrases of his comments. Fox had 34% on Bush comments. Fox also had more info on opposing views critical of the bill.

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