Wednesday, August 03, 2005

GOP Wins Close Election in Ohio

Both CNN and Fox News ran AP articles on the special election in Ohio for a Congressional seat typically held by Republicans. The polls indicated that a Democrat, Paul Hackett, an anti-war, anti-Bush candidate and Iraq War veteran, had a good chance of winning over Jean Schmidt. Although both articles are from the AP and many of the sentences are exactly the same, there are some interesting differences as a result, presumably of biases.

For example, both articles say that “Democrats had viewed the race as a bellwether for 2006, saying even a strong showing by Hackett in such a heavily GOP district would be a good sign for them in the midterm elections.” CNN, however has the following very prominently as the second sentence in the article (it was not in Fox’s article):

CNN: “But Democrats said they, too, had reason to celebrate -- pointing to the close race as a sign of promise heading into next year's midterm elections.”

CNN also had the following statements which were not in Fox’s article:

CNN: “"There's no safe Republican district. You can run, but you cannot hide," said Rep. Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.”

CNN: “Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, the 2004 Democratic presidential candidate who lost in Ohio, called the result "a warning signal to the Washington Republican establishment and the Ohio Republican Party."

CNN: “"This was a success. We should all be proud," Hackett told cheering supporters. "The voters of the 2nd District won because we gave them a choice."”

Fox provides more specifics on Schmidt’s views as seen form these excerpts:

CNN: “Schmidt billed herself as an experienced leader more in tune with the district than Hackett. She also consistently supported Bush on the war.”

FOX: “In Ohio, Schmidt billed herself as an experienced leader more in tune with the district than Hackett. … Schmidt consistently supported Bush on the war, and said she shares the "moral values" of the district with her opposition to abortion and to gay marriage.”

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