Sunday, August 07, 2005

Mother of Dead Soldier Protests Bush

Cindy Sheehan is protesting the war in which her son, Casey Sheehan was killed last year. Cindy is protesting outside of Bush’s ranch in Crawford, TX. Both CNN and Fox covered the same basic facts but with different slants. The opening sentences of each article are similar. Fox adds that her grief is similar to the relatives of marines from Ohio who were recently killed but then adds “yet their views about the war differ.” Later in the article Fox offers an example of “Jim Boskovitch, father of slain Cpl. Jeffery Boskovitch … [who] is supporting the U.S. military action in Iraq.” Fox also included information from “Rosemary Palmer, the mother of Lance Cpl. Edward Schroeder … another Ohio Marine killed in Iraq, [who] sided more with Sheehan.” However Palmer was not as adamant against the war as Cindy Sheehan. CNN does not have any opinions from other relatives of dead soldiers.

CNN has statements from Senator Boxer (D-CA) which includes this comparison to Vietnam and is prominent in the article as the second sentence:

Later, in a TV interview, a Democratic senator from California said the episode evokes images that were commonplace during the Vietnam War.

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