Sunday, September 25, 2005

Iraq War: Protests and Counter-protests

Fox News and CNN ran identical AP articles about Iraq war protests in DC and elsewhere. Counter-protests were mentioned in the article but Fox News paid more attention to it. One way they did this is through the pictures with the article. CNN chose two pictures; one is of protesters in London and the other is protesters in DC. Fox News chose three pictures; one is of the protesters in DC, the second is of Cindy Sheehan, and the third is the following of Joseph Williams taking down a picture of his son, who was killed in Iraq, at the end of a counter-protest:

Fox News photo (AP/The Reporter, Brad Zweerink)
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Fox also inserted a link, in the middle of the article to an article on the counter-protests:
Click here to read about counter-protests. In the middle of that article, Fox has a link back to the anti-war protest article.

Links to the articles:,2933,170312,00.html

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