Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Cheney and Returning Marines

There is a minor, biased difference in the headlines each chose on an identical AP story about Vice President Cheney welcoming home 4,500 Marines from Ohio. This unit was hit particularly hard with 48 deaths and 150 wounded. Fox News’ headline was “Cheney welcomes 4,500 marines home.” That headline does not note the number of deaths which CNN did choose to emphasize in its headline of “Cheney welcomes home battered, Ohio-based Marine battalion” with a sub-headline of “The battalion lost 48 people in Iraq.”

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Will said...

Curious. The premise of your blog is that CNN stands accused of being liberal and FOX stands accused of being conservative. Right? But, you keep pointing out, over and over again, that these two cable news sources are reporting the same stories each day. How different are they really? Both networks are owned by giant multinational corporations. Both are primarily concerned with adding value to their shareholders. Both are competitively focused on gaining and holding as large an audience as possible so that they can charge the most for their ad revenue. They’re not so different, are they? It’s like comparing red with magenta.

I would definitely agree with you that, to be considered informed, one should get news from a variety of sources. But, two ‘different’ cable news networks is not exactly variety. Mixing in MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. isn’t exactly diverse either. These sources of ‘news’ all have one main thing in common: they are more interested in maintaining their viewers than they are in informing their viewers. I think for one to truly be informed, news must come from a variety of media types. Newspapers, in general, are much more serious about in-depth coverage than TV. Most have a web presence. And, getting reports from other countries would seem to be a good source of diverse information too, yes?

Sorry, I don’t mean to rank on your blog. You’ve obviously put a lot of work into it. But, TV news sucks.

Anonymous said...

Well, the CNN report was removed but the Fox report was still there.
I don't understand what you are comparing. The Fox headlines was for the entire 2MEF component (about 4500) of Marines and Sailors who returned with the next 2 paragraphs talking about the 48 loses by the 3/25. Meanwhile, the CNN headlines (according to you) chose to emphasize the 48 losses from one battalion of ~900 Marines in their headline. One headline- Cheney welcomes home 4500 service members; another- Cheney welcomes home unit who lost 48 Marines... Hmmm?