Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Oil-for-Food Scandal: Galloway vs. Coleman

Both CNN and Fox News ran articles on their respective web sites regarding British parliament member George Galloway and his response to allegations from U.S. congressional investigators that he was involved in the oil-for-food scandal. Galloway has a strong anti-war stance and it appears in these articles he may have been treated better by CNN than Fox; or, conversely, that Fox News was a little tougher on Galloway.

First of all, CNN’s headline shows Galloway operating from a strong vantage saying, “Galloway challenges U.S. Senators.” Fox, on the other hand, comes from the Senate’s perspective with “British lawmaker responds to oil-for-food allegations.” Both are correct statements but CNN has Galloway challenging Senators while Fox has him merely responding to the Senate.

Galloway previously testified in May. Fox says that he “was called to testify in May before the Senate committee looking into the Oil-for-Food scandal.” CNN says that he “appeared voluntarily before the Senate panel.” Again, both statements are correct but Fox’s makes it sound like Galloway was on the hook while CNN makes Galloway sound a little more innocent of the allegations by noting that he voluntarily came, a fact not mentioned in this particular article by Fox.

CNN has 100 words of direct quote from Galloway whereas Fox has only 40. Senate sub-committee chairman, Norm Coleman (R-MN), is mentioned in both articles but is quoted only by Fox.

CNN describes Galloway as “a left-wing politician known for his theatrical rhetoric and fierce debating style.” Fox identifies him in the opening words of its article as “an anti-war British lawmaker.” Does Fox’s opening give the reader a different slant on the rest of the article when compared with CNN?

CNN used a smiling, confident picture of Galloway. Fox used a less complimentary picture.

I contend that, although the points mentioned above may seem subtle and although the basic facts are the same in both articles, a reader of just CNN or just Fox will have a biased perspective of the issue.

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Kate said...

Thanks, I'd missed CNN on Galloway. I was amused at the presentations of Miers no longer being in the running for justice. Fox Breaking news said "Meirs withdraws name from consideration", CNN said "Bush withdraws Miers' name" (paraphrased).