Sunday, November 20, 2005

DNC vs. RNC: Murtha

Both the DNC and RNC web sites have blog sections. Congressman Murtha’s (D-PA) call for immediate withdrawal from Iraq is the subject of the latest blog posts. The DNC has a post by Joe Rospars entitled “Shame on Them: Americans in Our Own Voices” in which excerpts are given from letters in support of Murtha. The RNC blog by Katie MacGuidwin is entitled “Dems Distance Themselves From Murtha” in which she has John Kerry and Harry Reid disagreeing with Murtha.

The DNC also includes a post from Howard Dean. Compare these quotes from the MacGuidwin post and the Dean post:

RNC, MacGuidwin: “By decrying staying the course, and disagreeing with pulling out, Democrats are once again showing their usual lack of leadership by posturing for political gain.”

DNC, Dean: “The history of this war has shown that Republicans value political posturing more than the service of America's veterans.”

Who is posturing? Where is the real debate?

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