Sunday, November 13, 2005

DNC vs. RNC: Veterans Day

Each chairman made an official Veterans Day statement. RNC chairman, Ken Mehlman, gave what I would call a traditional message on the occasion of honoring our military dead. Little mention is made of current political issues regarding Iraq. Mehlman does include our current service members with those who have served in the past. He makes statements such as:

“Whether it’s the beaches of Normandy, or the deserts of Afghanistan and Iraq, American soldiers have always answered the call to protect our homeland and help ensure the security of peaceful people on all corners of the earth.”

“It’s particularly important this Veterans Day for all Americans to recognize the sacrifice of our soldiers who are currently fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, because tomorrow’s veterans, like those before them, are today’s heroes who stand against tyranny and fight for the cause of freedom.”

Howard Dean of the DNC takes advantage of the opportunity to address the political issues. After saying some kind words about veterans, Dean addresses some of the current concerns such as:

"So many of these brave men and women joined our armed forces to protect and defend our nation, asking only that their government keep its promise to take care of them when their service was done. Sadly, Republicans in Washington have failed to make those promises a priority.”

Dean gives examples of the Democrats work for Veterans including this: “While Democrats are fighting to fund combat-related trauma centers, VA medical and prosthetic research, and programs to expedite the processing of benefits claims, Republicans in Congress have stood in the way”

I suppose it is natural for the party not in office to be more on the attack. That is certainly the case with Dean’s statement.

Links to the statements: