Tuesday, November 08, 2005

First Year Favorites

Well it is almost one year since I started this blog. I thought I would share my top three favorite posts:

January 11, 2005; Howard Dean Photos

Howard Dean announced that he will be running for chair of the Democratic National Committee. CNN and Fox ran articles. In the two posts below you can see that CNN chose a distinguished picture of Dean at a podium. Fox chose a screaming Howard Dean which is related to his downfall this past election season.

CNN's picture of Dean for its article on Dean announcing that he will run for DNC chair

Fox's choice for their picture of Dean

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December 19, 2004; Pres. Bush-Person of the Year

CNN chose to run a 319-word Reuters story about President Bush being named Times Person of the Year. Fox ran a 494-word AP story. Both are similar with more detail in the longer Fox article. Both mention previous persons of the year:

CNN: President Bush’s father; the American soldier; Charles Lindbergh; and the “notoriously unpopular” Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini.

Fox: “six other presidents who have twice won” the magazine's top honor: Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton; three-time winner Franklin Roosevelt; Rudy Giuliani; the American soldier; Coleen Rowley (FBI agent); Cynthia Cooper and Sherron Watkins (whistle-blowers on scandals at Enron and Worldcom).

All of Fox’s AP list of previous winners are positive, popular people. CNN’s Reuters story has three popular and three at the other end of the scale to include Hitler. Was CNN trying to emphasize that even infamous leaders get the award? Was Fox avoiding that?

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May 2005, Photos from Iraq

CNN and Fox News both covered the story of the bombing in Iraq of a Kurdish police recruitment center where approximately 50 Iraqis were killed. CNN in the headline and article refers to it as a “suicide” bombing. As I have noted before, Fox usually does not label these as suicide attacks but rather as “homicide” attacks. CNN has four photos and Fox News has three, all from the AP. Presumably they had the same choices of photos to pick from. If so, it is interesting to see their choices. The same picture of one victim was used in both articles. The other choices of pictures were different. One picture in each set showed a soldier. However, there is a dramatic difference in the portrayal of the soldier and the situation. Here are the AP pictures with the caption each used. These photos are both powerful but send completely different messages.

CNN: A woman slumps against a wall after the suicide bombing attack Wednesday.

Fox News: A U.S. soldier comforts a child fatally wounded in a car bomb blast in Mosul. (AP)
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