Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Pres. Bush at the U.S. Naval Academy

As might be expected, biases can be seen in the coverage of President Bush’s speech on Iraq at the U.S. Naval Academy. One of the things I like to do in comparing articles about the same event is to compare the opening sentences. Opening sentences set the tone for the articles and establish a perspective for the reader. I believe they also indicate biases, intentional or not. You will see below a comparison of the opening sentences of both CNN’s article and Fox News’ article on Bush’s speech. While both sentences are true, the choice of words are indicators of bias with CNN being more anti-Bush and Fox being more pro-Bush. I have inserted my comments, in brackets and highlighted.


President Bush countered [this has Bush on the defensive] diminishing support [a reminder of the unpopularity of the war] for the U.S.-led Iraq war on Wednesday in a speech outlining what he believes must be accomplished before withdrawing [withdrawing is the goal as opposed to Fox’s use of the word "victory"] any forces.

Fox News:

The United States has a “plan [a more positive indication of a definitive plan than what CNN states] for victory[not withdrawal, but victory – see above] that involves overcoming a "common enemy" to Iraqis and Americans that must be defeated abroad so Americans will be safer [an indication of the benefit to Americans] here at home, President Bush said Wednesday.

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