Thursday, December 01, 2005

Polls on Pres. Bush and Iraq

CNN and Fox News released poll information on President Bush. CNN paints a more negative picture. Its headline is “Poll: Most doubt Bush has plan for Iraq victory.” This headline is misleading as there obviously is a plan. The poll question was whether or not Americans believe Bush has a plan “that will achieve victory.” There was some relatively positive news in the CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll but CNN chose to highlight this result. Fox’s headline is more positive with “12/01/05 Fox poll” Bush approval rises; public split on pre-war intel.”

Most questions between the two polls are different but there is one that achieved relatively similar results. That question, asked from different angles but getting at the same point, is about how the U.S. will fare in the long run, based on our intervention in Iraq. The results show that there is a slight edge towards us being better off but CNN adds that the results are within sampling error. CNN also lists the latest death toll in Iraq. Here are the statements from the articles:

CNN: Asked if the war will make the United States safer from terrorism in the long run, 48 percent said yes and 43 percent no, within the poll's sampling error.

FOX: Just over half of Americans (52 percent) think the world would be worse off … if the U.S. military had not taken action.

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