Sunday, December 18, 2005

President Bush's Speech on Iraq

President Bush addressed the nation tonight and CNN’s web site coverage is much more negative relative to Fox’s News’ more positive coverage. Both home pages had pictures of Bush as shown by the partial screen shots below (as of 9:00 pm PST). CNN’s headline which accompanied the picture has Bush more on the defensive with “Bush: 'Do not give up on this fight for freedom'.” So, CNN is presenting Bush saying we should not give up, implying that some want to give up. This is quite a contrast to Fox News’ “'We Are Winning the War in Iraq'.”



When you click on their home page headlines, the articles show similar perspectives. CNN again has Bush on the defensive with “Bush: Iraq pullout would hurt credibility.” The sub-headline notes problems with “President acknowledges divisions, cites 'steady gains'.” CNN’s opening sentence similarly sounds defensive:

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush acknowledged deep divisions and difficult progress in Iraq Sunday night, but said U.S. forces were making "steady gains" in the nearly 3-year-old war and urged Americans not to "give in to despair."

Clicking on Fox’s home page headline brings you to an article with the positive statement, “Bush: Iraq Vote a Landmark for Liberty.” The opening sentence is similarly positive:

WASHINGTON — Elections in Iraq last Thursday were "a landmark day in the history of liberty," and set the stage for the first Arab democracy in the Middle East, President Bush said Sunday night in a prime-time television speech from the Oval Office.,2933,179026,00.html

The reader of just Fox News may have a more positive image of Bush and the Iraq War than a reader of just CNN.

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