Monday, December 05, 2005

Secretary Rice's Visit to Europe: Headlines and Photos

Wow, quite a difference in the coverage of Secretary of State Condi Rice’s visit to Europe. Both CNN and Fox News use the same AP article, but the headlines and pictures used this morning show their biases.

Here are the headlines. CNN has Rice on the defensive and includes the secret prisons. Fox touts the benefit of the war (not the “Iraq War” but the “War on Terror”).

CNN: Rice defends U.S. terrorism policy amid reports of secret CIA prisons

FOX: Rice: War on Terror Has Saved European Lives

As I have noted before, CNN has used less complimentary pictures of Rice. That is the case today with CNN showing a scowling Rice (maybe to fit the headline position of her being on the defensive). Fox shows a smiling Rice. Here are the pictures:



[Note: Sometimes the articles and headlines are updated during the day but the information in this posting is accurate as of 6:30 am PST.]

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