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Top Stories of 2005

Here is a comparison of the top stories of the year 2005. CNN picked 20 stories which it put on a timeline and also asked readers to rank order their top ten. Fox News had a more detailed timeline but they picked a top ten in priority order. Some of their top stories actually noted several separate but related stories (noted in parentheses below). The following table compares the top stories of each. There is agreement between the two on most of the stories. It is interesting to note their comments on President Bush (highlighted in yellow).




1. Hurricane Katrina, the Biggest U.S. Disaster Since Sept. 11, 2001 (Katrina, Indonesian Earthquake, Pakistan Quake, Wildfires on the West Coast, Monsoon Rains in India, Big Year of Giving)

Katrina makes landfall

Quake strikes South Asia

2. Iraq's Push to Freedom (elections, constitution, mass graves, Saddam trial, death toll)

Elections in Iraq

The Saddam Hussein trial

U.S. Death toll in Iraq reaches 2000

3. London's Sept. 11

London subway bombings

Fox puts a more positive spin on Bush’s approval ratings (or CNN puts a more negative spin on it). Fox ends the explanation with this statement: “An Associated Press-Ipsos poll taken in early December indicated Bush's public relations campaign might be working. He improved his job approval rating from 37 percent in November to 42 percent — the highest figure since summer.

4. Bush's Second Term (defeating Kerry, issues, White House “revolving door,” Plame/Rove/Libby, approval ratings)

President Bush saw his approval ratings sink earlier in the year, in large part because of the waning support for the war in Iraq. But as he launched into a series of four speeches aimed at fighting back against his Democratic critics calling for a timetable for U.S. troop withdrawal, he began to regain some ground.

Inauguration Day

Scooter Libby indicted

His approval rating plummets throughout the year, however, as he tries to shake such troubles as rising energy prices and waning support for the war in Iraq.”

5. Supreme Court Hullabaloo (Justice Sandra Day O'Connor announced her retirement; Judge John Roberts; Rehnquist death; Harriet Miers; Samuel Alito; eminent domain; Ten Commandments)

Judge Rehnquist dies

6. Michael Jackson verdict

Michael Jackson not guilty

7. Terri Schiavo: Life-or-Death Issues

The Schiavo debate

These were on Fox’s list but not on CNN’s timeline.

8. BTK Mystery Solved

9. Girls Gone Missing (Natalee Holloway, Jessica Lunsford, and Jetseta Gage)

10. Stinky Gas Prices

These were on CNN’s timeline but not on Fox’s list.

Tsunami aftermath

Martha Stewart released

Pope John Paul II dies

Eric Rudolph pleads guilty

Prince Charles weds

Deep Throat revealed

The space shuttle’s return

The Gaza withdrawal

Jordan hotels bombed

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