Monday, January 30, 2006

Democrats and Alito Filibuster Vote

Both CNN and Fox News published articles on the vote to end debate on Judge Alito’s confirmation, ending the attempt for a filibuster by some Democrats. Bias can be seen in how the articles are worded.

In the respective opening sentences, CNN talks of a “spirited” campaign by some Democrats to block the nomination. Fox’s perspective is from the Democrats who voted along with the Republicans.

CNN: Judge Samuel Alito stands just one step away from a lifetime appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court after a spirited ninth-inning campaign by some Democratic senators to block his nomination fizzled Monday evening.

FOX: More than a dozen Senate Democrats supported ending debate on Samuel Alito Monday, setting up a final confirmation vote for the Supreme Court nominee on Tuesday morning.

A minor point maybe but CNN again talks from the perspective of those Democrats who were trying to filibuster while Fox comes from the angle of the Democrats who went with the Republicans:

CNN: In the end, only 24 of the chamber's 44 Democrats went along with the filibuster, …

FOX: Nineteen Democrats joined Republicans to end debate, …

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