Saturday, January 21, 2006

Looking for Contributors

I want to open up my blog to become a team blog. If you are interested in posting to this blog periodically, please add a comment to that effect to this posting. I will remain the administrator for the blog and continue to post as well. There are lots of other areas that can be explored with the type of analysis I have been using. For example, mainstream vs. alternative news, U.S. vs. international news, etc. I am willing to open this up. I ask that potential contributors use clean language and that they be as objective as possible in their analysis. Names of team members will be placed on the home page.

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MediaSpinner said...

Hi Marcus,

Thank you for maintaining this topical blog and opening it up to participation. For awhile I wrote for, which was founded on the ideals of participatory journalism. In order to stay unbiased they refused all advertising, and thus ran out of money and folded.

Meanwhile, I maintain my own blog, Thoughtful Preparations at This blog is not as finely focused as yours, but I do like ot keep an eye on the media.

The current maneuvering by CNN to outfox Fox News by hiring nationally syndicated conservative radio host Glenn Beck is an especially bad omen for messy cafeteria food fights to come between Fox and CNN.

CNN Headline News categorizes Glenn Beck under "ENTERTAINMENT" in this Jan. 17, 2006 story:

Beck's hiring has fired up criticism from web-based media monitoring groups such as Media Matters for America in this Jan. 17, 2006 article:

Hope to see you again,

Hank Grebe aka the MediaSpinner