Monday, January 16, 2006

State of the Union Address: Party Time

Many people set up Super Bowl parties and invite friends over to watch the game. You might want to consider doing the same for President Bush’s State of the Union address on the 31st.

Democratic National Committee:
You shouldn't have to watch it alone... and now you won't have to.
On January 31st, Democrats from across the country will gather together and watch the State of the Union. At one of those parties, hosted by a Democracy Bond holder, Governor Dean will watch with them.
You can start planning your Watch Party in a few simple steps by visiting:
As an event host, you will be in a position to provide critical information to fellow Democrats in your community before the speech. Immediately following the address, there will be a nationwide conference call with Governor Dean, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Republican National Committee:
A GOP House Party is a grassroots tool that brings together people who support the President and the Republican ticket. Parties all across the nation can be easily organized and coordinated here on

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