Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Will Supreme Court Nominee Alito Be Confirmed?

Of course, CNN and Fox News are providing coverage of Alito’s Senate confirmation hearing. I noticed that today’s updates reach different conclusions as to whether or not he will be confirmed. Fox News indicates that yes, he will. Here are Fox’s concluding statements:


As disturbing as some of the allegations surrounding CAP [Concerned Alumni of Princeton] might be, they do not appear to be making inroads into Alito's chances, note hearing observers.

"I don't know that he needs to do much more than he's doing, because he's probably got enough support. He figures he needs to run out the clock, and as long as he avoids making a really bad mistake, he'll be confirmed," Gross [Leonard Gross, co-author of "Supreme Court Appointments: Judge Bork and the Politicization of Senate Confirmations] said.

CNN ends its article with less optimism and mentions filibuster:


The GOP controls 55 seats in the Senate, meaning Alito would be confirmed unless some Republicans vote no or Democrats block a full Senate vote through parliamentary procedure.

Sen. Charles Schumer hedged on whether Democrats would filibuster.

"I would say it [a filibuster] is certainly not off the table at this point," the New York Democrat told CNN on Wednesday. "But I would also say that I don't think anyone on the committee, certainly myself and anyone I've talked to, has said we definitely should."

When asked what would justify a filibuster and if Democrats were removed from the mainstream, Schumer responded with an example, saying that most Americans believe the conservative Justice Clarence Thomas is out of the mainstream.

"And is Judge Alito going to be like a Justice Thomas? That's the question we have to try to get to the bottom of," Schumer said.

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