Wednesday, February 01, 2006

President Bush at the Grand Ole Opry House

President Bush took his State-of-the-Union message to Tennessee and both CNN and Fox News ran articles on it. I notice two types of bias:

1. Amount of space given to opposition views. By word count, CNN devoted 36% of its article to Democratic criticism. Fox News had only 8%.

2. Amount of coverage of the speech itself. CNN covered several issues in the President’s speech but Fox’s article was longer and noted the following issues not seen in the CNN article: Palestinians/Hamas, Iran, NSA wiretapping, Patriot Act, tax cuts, immigration, federal deficit, malpractice reform.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm..I keep on seeing the classification "bias". I would not call it bias. I would call it as two news agencies covering the news differently. The question that needs to be asked is are cnn and fnc purposely covering the stories this way?

marcus said...

Anonymous makes a good point but I guess I don't care whether or not it is intentional. Even unintentional bias is still bias. But, overall, you are right. One of my main purposes of this blog is to show the differences in coverage (whether you call it bias or not) as a reminder that we should get our news from more thatn one source.