Saturday, May 27, 2006

Parental models: Democrats vs. Republicans

Lately I have been thinking about the differences between Democrats and Republicans. One way to look at the differences is to use an analogy with parents. See if this makes sense:

A Democrat is like a nurturing, loving parent who wants to help the child by being as supportive and helpful as possible; by providing for the child's needs. But, is this just sparing the rod and thereby spoiling the child? Is this parent really looking at doing what is best for the child or just trying to be liked as a parent. Are Democrats truly trying to help or do they just want to be liked; i.e., get the votes and get elected?

A Republican is like the loving parent with a "tough love" philosophy meant to teach personal responsibility for the ultimate benefit of the child. But, is the child left to then sink or swim? What about the sinking person? Are Republicans truly trying to help the public in the long run or are they just mean-spirited and unwilling to share?

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Maggie said...

Democrats will to give the kid a fish to eat.

Republicans want to teach their kids to fish.

Anonymous said...

Democrats give us nothing

Republicans preach raw evil

Anonymous said...

Democrats want to let everyone have fish to eat.

Republicans want to make you pray before you eat your fish. Unless, of course, you happen to be gay. In that case, you don't get to eat any fish at all.

Anonymous said...

Democrats & Republicans want the same things for their "kids"; they just differ on approaches.
As in Socialist Party A , & Socialist Party B .

Anonymous said...

Democrats will give a kid fish to eat and try to get them to fish for themselves.

Republicans will give a kid one fish and send them on their way, saying "Go learn fishing".

One way leads to dependence. The other way leads to starving kids.

Anonymous said...

Democrats will build an organization to help distribute fish and attempt to teach kids in need how to fish.

Republicans will bring in cheap labor to farm the fish for the priviledged kids. Meanwhile, the priviledged kids parents will drive their kids to therapy in their gas guzzling SUV's.

Anonymous said...

Sara Palin is said to have no experience to be the Vice President, but yet Barak Obama has the experience to be President

Anonymous said...

Democrats will slap a child rapist on the wrist.

Republiecan will give him the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

Democrats think that every human being that committs a crime should be punished.

Republicans think that if you have money regardless of the crime, know one has to know it ever happened.