Sunday, August 06, 2006

Dear Diary: Hell or Doing Well in Baghdad?

Well, I am now ready to begin posting again. I have made the move from Spokane, WA to Orem, UT and have been out of touch for a time. I hope to post about twice a week. So, here is a short posting to get going again:

CNN and Fox News have each recently run a “diary” story on their web sites about conditions in Iraq. But, they present two very different pictures. CNN’s is from a reporter, Aparisim Ghosh, who writes for Time. CNN’s headline is “Baghdad Diary: Life in Hell.” By contrast, Fox runs a continuing diary from a soldier in Iraq. The most recent was entitled “Soldier’s Diary: Good News at the First of the Month.”

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bytehead said...

Welcome back.

There are going to be different views on what Baghdad means, because it is going to matter who you talk to. They are not all going to have the same experience.

The experience that has affected me personally is that it's hell. My 21 year old MP has managed to have survived 2 IED (improvised explosive devices) EFPs (explosively formed projectiles) attacks that totaled the vehicle both times. He does not want his twin brother to be in the country (Sullivan act would stop that any way), and he's already told his younger siblings to not even think about enlisting until this war is over.

As the saying goes. Your mileage may vary.