Sunday, February 25, 2007

2008 Campaign: Show Me the Money

This is from a CNN article on Tom Vilsack dropping out of the 2008 Democratic race:

"I was surprised," said Vilsack supporter and Iowa Democratic activist Gordon Fischer. But he said raising money for a national campaign has become "a high-stakes poker game where just to sit at the table you need more than $20-$25 million. ... Iowa is a small rural state and there is a limit to what you can raise."

That prompted me to look at the top three candidates web sites to see how much they emphasize fund-raising. Hillary Clinton clearly takes top honors with a major highlight on fundraising plus three separate "contribute" buttons plus a link for "Hillraisers."

John Edwards has two "contribute" buttons plus a graphic that people can add to their websites to encourage others to donate.

Barack Obama was the most low-key (maybe that is a little refreshing) and only has one "donate" button and one "become a fuindariser" link.

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