Monday, February 12, 2007

Addendum to previous post: Fox and Sex

Well, it is a couple of hours after my last post where I compared the degree of sexiness of the various news web sites. I just have to add something. Fox had by far the largest one day total today. If Fox is more conservative (certainly the TV shows are but has been more balanced though still leaning to the right), and if it is true that conservatives tend to be more religious and believe in family values, then what is with the nearly soft porn pictures on their site? Especially today. Right now they have a picture of a nearly topless woman with a link to a video. It is about PETA with the following caption: "Shock Value! Would PETA protesters get noticed if they kept their clothes on?" So, the idea is to use this same shock value principle to try and get noticed themselves? Shame on Fox.

Oh by the way, the other examples today include two different revealing pictures of women in lingerie with one being a link to a video entitled "V-Day Lingerie." There are other links to videos entitled "the perfect bra," "lingerie lessons," and "game day girls." I know that Valentines Day is coming up but is all this necessary on a news site?

P.S. I checked the next morning and at least the PETA picture was smaller and did not show her breasts. But, the video link is still featured.

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