Thursday, March 22, 2007

Both the Republican and Democratic parties love to point out anything that looks like flip-flopping, inconsistent messages, double-speak, or potential hypocrisy in their opponents. I think they make much to do about nothing many times by trying to overemphasize inconsistencies to distract from talking about the issues. This tactic often takes snippets of someone's comments out of context and comparing them side by side. I would agree that sometimes there are valid points to be made. But, it seems that some just want to paint the candidate a certain way. Here are some examples and you can decide for yourself:

From the Democratic National Committee:

“Just the Truth? Why the Republicans Have Changed Their Tune”

Flip-Flopping, Hair Muss Romney's Campaign”

“Trying to have it both ways” [John McCain]

“Oh really?” [Newt Gingrich]

From the Republican National Committee:

“Does Obama actually believe his own rhetoric on withdrawal from Iraq?”

“Calendar chaos” [a video of clips of Nancy Pelosi]

A Calculating, Divisive, Lifelong Liberal With Political Baggage” [Hillary Clinton]

A Hypocritical, Inexperienced Liberal With A New Negative Attitude” [John Edwards]

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