Monday, March 26, 2007

Can a candidate do some straight-talking?

Here's part of the problem in politics today. Candidates have to be so careful about what they say that they say nothing or only safe things or whatever their handlers tell them to say. CNN has an AP article on John McCain entitled “Straight talk makes McCain's staff 'insane'.” Here is a quote from the article:

Online video sites and blogs have made this cycle's campaign gaffes instantly available. Every error and every stutter that changes a meaning is now magnified -- and preserved as fodder for rivals during the 10 months before the first primaries and 20 months to the general election.

Here's another quote:

It's [McCain's campaign] a sharp contrast to other campaigns, which manage the candidates' public appearances and limit their exposure.

Candidates should be able to speak their mind and we all should give them a pass on honest slips of the tongue.

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